High Tide (September 6th 2015) – Daily political round up

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Vincent Fang: CY Leung should apologise to mainland visitors; Johannes Chan rebuts ‘external force’ accusation. Photo Credit: Chris Lusher


Political (General)

CY Leung should apologise to mainlanders over anti-parallel trading protests, says Vincent Fang.
– Liberal Party leader Vincent Fang said CY Leung should apologise to mainland visitors for mishandling the anti-parallel trading protests, which he claimed partly led to a recent decline of the city’s tourism and retail sales
– Fang urged the Government to lift the milk powder limit and add more mainland cities to the individual visiting scheme
– “Since pregnant women coming to Hong Kong for delivery and bulk purchase of milk powder are not tourist activities, the Government has no intention to change the relevant policies for the time being,” a government response stated
– An anti-parallel trading protest will be held today in Sheung Shui

Johannes Chan dismisses latest accusation of cooperating with a US organisation on Occupy Movement.
Ta Kung Pao recently accused pro-democracy scholar Johannes Chan (ch) of receiving supports and donations from the US-based National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI), to promote the Occupy Movement
– The report was the latest attack from the pro-Beijing newspaper ever since Chan was related to the Occupy Movement and tapped as the sole candidate to assume the role of the Hong Kong University’s pro-vice-chancellor
– Chan rebutted by stressing that the cooperation with NDI was contract-based and the University was well informed on the research project, ridiculed the newspaper for trying to use every opportunity there is to justify the ‘external influence’ discourse

Cheng Yiu-tong: No chance for Beijing to seek closer ties with the anti-one-party-dictatorship Alliance.
– NPC delegate and ExCo member Cheng Yiu-tong said while Beijing seeks closer ties with Hong Kong’s pan-dems, it would “definitely never” (ch) meet with members from the Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China which organises the annual June 4 vigil and vows to end the ‘one-party dictatorship’
– On the other hand, LegCo president Jasper Tsang said Beijing would be willing to talk with pan-dems as long as they support national unity
– Democratic Party’s Albert Ho, who is also the current head of the Alliance, dismissed Cheng’s call, citing his meeting with officials from the Liaison Office on political reform back in 2010

Football chief downplays ‘dog insult’ incident in Hong Kong v China match.
– Commenting on claims by Hong Kong Goalie Yapp Hung-fai that Chinese skipper Zheng Zhi insulted him as a ‘dog’, Hong Kong Football Association chief Brian Leung cited a report which suggested that Yapp might have misheard (ch) Zheng saying “don’t lie on the ground for too long (久 – gau in Cantonese; jiu in Mandarin)” as ‘dog (狗 – gau in Cantonese; gou in Mandarin)’
– Leung earlier stated that Yapp’s case was hard to prove while describing it as a “tempest in a teapot”
– Yapp dismissed the report and said his Mandarin “was’t that bad”, but he did admit that the incident “might not be as serious a case as many would think it is”