High Tide (November 18th 2015) – Daily political round up

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Pan-dems issues recommendations on policy address; Ken Tsang case transferred to higher court; FS triumphs in Romania.

Photo: Chris Lusher


Politics (Gov’t & LegCo)

Government proposes tree handbook for private property managers
– The Development Bureau planned to add a section to the Building Management Ordinance to give private property managers more responsibilities for ensuring trees are cared for
– The Bureau also proposed amending the Guidelines for Tree Risk Assessment & Management Arrangement to demand tree management bodies to conduct a ‘sensitivity assessment (ch)’ before axing trees

Only 5 members with environmental protection background in Third Runway liaison groups
– The Airport Authority announced the membership of a Community and Professional Liaison Groups (ch) for the third runway, of which only five members out of 22 were from green groups with the Ocean Park along taking three seats
– The announcement followed an earlier boycott by 11 green groups which slammed the Authority for failing an Environmental Impact Assessment Report

Government welcomes Beijing’s plan to issue RMB sovereign bonds in Hong Kong
– The Government welcomed the Ministry of Finance’s announcement to further issue Renminbi (RMB) sovereign bonds totalling RMB14bn in Hong Kong in the week of November 23
– RMB12bn will be issued to institutional investors, central banks and monetary authorities outside Mainland China
– The mainland authorities issued its first batch of RMB14bn on May 20

Legislative Council Commission releases annual report on an “extraordinary year”
– The LegCo Commission (ch) released its annual report of the year 2014/2015, in which LegCo President Jasper Tsang said the past year was “extraordinary”
– The LegCo Secretariat translated a total of 13,826,535 Chinese characters to English last year
– Energy consumption was down by 2.9% while collection of scrap papers increased by 25.2%

Politics (General)

Pan-dems urge Hong Kong-centred policies on policy address
– The pan-dem conference released a joint recommendation list (ch) for the upcoming policy address, urging the government to prioritise local issues and restart the political reform procedure
– The document covers 13 areas totoalling 132 recommendations, including abandoning TSA, no CE as universities’ chancellor, pausing the Third Runway project, and setting up legislation on drinking water safety
– Alan Leong of Civic Party said the pan-dems would opt for meetings with Chief Secretary Carrie Lam and Financial Secretary John Tsang instead of CY Leung

Ken Tsang assault case transferred to higher court
– The Eastern Magistrates’ Court decided to adjourn the hearing into the case ofseven police officer allegedly assaulting Civic Party member and Occupy activist Ken Tsang and transferred the case to the District Court
– The next hearing will commence on December 8 and the court was told the defendants would reserve the right to submit evidence of an alibi

John Tsang watches Hong Kong’s draw with China in Bucharest
– More ‘likes’ for Financial Secretary John Tsang as he uploaded a photo of him watching the World Cup qualifier between Hong Kong and China, which ended up in another nil-nil draw, in Bucharest, Romania
– The post got almost 30,000 likes, compared with some 300 likes on thenew.gov.hk‘s facebook page
– When asked earlier which team he would support ahead of the match, CY Leung said it was a pity that he would not be able to watch the match since he would be on duty in Manila attending the APEC meeting and the match would not be broadcast there