Reportage: Mexican Ambassador Ventura comes to Hong Kong

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(Photos provided by Bright Hong Kong)
Mexico’s main man in Beijing, Ambassador Julián Ventura, was hosted by Bright Hong Kong and the Mexican Consulate in Hong Kong for dinner with local luminaries across a range of businesses and sectors of society.

Consul General Alicia Buenrostro-Massieu and Germán Muñoz-Diaz (Founder and Director of Bright Hong Kong) led the discussion. Cathay Pacific’s Simon Large (Director Cargo), now flying to Guadalajara, was joined by industry professionals from the film, finance, media, and shipping sectors.


From Left: Mexican Ambassador to Chan Julián Ventura, Founder and Director of Bright Hong Kong Germán Muñoz-Diaz, and Consul General Alicia Buenrostro-Massieu.
One point of discussion was the impact of OBOR on non-OBOR countries. Some were adamant it was an opportunity – but only with a narrow window before the opportunity closed and many Chinese firms, seeking favour with Central authorities, re-oriented investment priorities to match Beijing. Mexico’s trade and investment with China is growing literally exponentially, but professionals in attendance posited Mexico needs to move aggressively to maintain the pace of investment and trade growth.