Harbour Crossings May 6: Norman Chan flies away, Ming Pao has a new editor

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Norman Chan to leave CAD with a mess; Ming Pao named assistant executive editor to clear up their mess.

Norman Lo to step down as CAD head

Director-General of Civil Aviation Norman Lo (羅崇文) has decided to proceed to pre-retirement leave on May 19, four months ahead of original schedule. During his 12 years of tenure, Lo had been under fire for making extensions to the Civil Aviation Department’s headquarters without permission, including the installation of shower facilities inside his office, and for the delay in the setting up of a new HK$1.5 billion air traffic control system which was earlier found to be full of systemic flaws.

The Government was slammed for freeing Lo from his wrongdoings while the LegCo’s Public Accounts Committee stated that it will continue the investigation over possible misconducts regarding the issues.

Simon Li Tin-chui (李天柱), Deputy Director-General of Civil Aviation, will assume the post upon Lo’s pre-retirement leave.


Ming Pao assistant executive editor to take the ‘hot potato’

In face of disgruntledt staff, columnists and readers, the Ming Pao management released a four-point statement, in which it agreed to the editorial division’s demand to appoint Leung Heung Nam (梁享南), assistant executive editor, assuming the post of executive editor on May 9.

The appointment, while appeasing the furious masses to some extent, also reaffirmed the management’s stance not to undo the flashpoint sparkling point of the saga – the sudden firing of former executive editor Keung Kwok-yuen (姜國元), believed to be related to reports on mainland officials’ involvement in the Panama Papers case.


New chairman to Cantonese Opera Advisory Committee

The Government appointed Prof Andrew Chan Chi-fai (陳志輝) Chairman of the Cantonese Opera Advisory Committee for the period from May 1, 2016, to April 30, 2018. Chan is a professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong’s Marketing Department and head of the Shaw College.

The Government also appointed ten new members to the body. They are: Prof Ching May-bo (程美寶), Dr Agnes Ko Po-yee (高寶怡), Lai Yiu-wai (黎耀威), Lam Yan-yin (林欣賢) (Lam Kwan-ling (林群翎)), Wendy Lee Kam-ming (李錦明), Angel Leung Sum-yee (梁心怡), Cynthia Liu Chiu-fun (廖昭薰), Susan Pau Suk-hang 鮑淑姮 (Yum Tsz-yu (任梓銣)), and Vigo Yau Ah-kwai (丘亞葵).