Harbour Crossings May 13: Behold the M+ team

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WKCD M+ Board holds first meeting.

Victor Lo to lead WKCD M+ Board

16 members were appointed to the Board of ‘M Plus Museum Limited’, a wholly owned subsidiary of the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority (WKCDA) established to oversee the visual culture museum, with effect from 14 April 2016.

The Board is led by Victor Lo (羅仲榮), chairman and chief executive of Gold Peak Industries and himself a member of the WKCDA Board. Vincent Lo Wing-sang (羅榮生), senior partner of Gallant Y.T. Ho & Co. and chairman of Art Museum Advisory Panel, is appointed as vice-chairman.

Non-WKCDA Board members include Roger Garcia, executive director of Hong Kong International Film Festival Society, Claire Hsu (徐文玠) co-founder and executive director of Asia Art Archive, film producer Alan Lau Ka-ming  (劉家明), celebrated jewellery designer Lo Kai-yin (羅啟妍), David Pong (龐俊怡), vice-chairman of the Ink Society, Dr Uli Sigg, former Swiss ambassador to China and an art collector, and Rocco Yim (嚴迅奇), executive director of Rocco Design Architects.

HT previously interviewed Duncan Pescod over the development of the WKCD (available here).