Chambers unite to promote Spanish-speaking world’s role in Belt and Road

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On 27 May, the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce and the Chilean, Mexican and Spanish chambers hosted a seminar to promote Hong Kong’s and China’s cooperation with Spanish-speaking countries under the One Belt One Road strategy.

Mario Ignacio Artaza, president of the Chilean Chamber of Commerce, noted the potential of Hong Kong service providers to play a greater role along the Belt and Road. He also raised a need for the territory to establish more direct links with Latin America rather than allowing trade relations to be processed through Washington, D.C.

Jose Bezanilla, President of the Mexican Chamber of Commerce, stated that historic ties should form the basis of future collaboration between Mexico and China, stressing Mexico’s advantages in terms of trade and tourism.

Other prominent speakers included Dr Tse Kwok-leung, Head of Policy and Economic Research at the Bank of China (Hong Kong); Dr Le Xia, Chief Economist for Asia at BBVA; and Carlos Casanova, Economist at BBVA.