Legco election prospects: Shiu Ka-chun stands out in race for Social Welfare seat

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The social work lecturer-activist joins a six-strong coalition comprising pan-democrats running in functional constituency elections. (Translated by Alex Fok; read original Chinese article here)

An election platform was formed on 18 July consisting of six pan-democrats who announced their candidacies in the Legco functional constituency elections on the same day.

They include the Professional Commons’ incumbent trio Charles Peter Mok (莫乃光; IT sector), Kenneth Leung Kai-cheong (梁繼昌; Accountancy sector), Dennis Kwok Wing-hung (郭榮鏗; Legal sector), and hopefuls Edward Yiu Chun-yim (姚松炎; Architectural, Surveying, Planning and Landscape), Nigel Lam Lai-chong (林禮昌; Engineering), as well as Shiu Ka-chun (邵家臻; Social Welfare).

In particular, Shiu, Lecturer and Associate Director of Centre for Youth at Hong Kong Baptist University’s Department of Social Work, has caught the attention as he is not the only pan-democrat seeking to fill up the vacancy left by incumbent Social Welfare lawmaker Cheung Kwok-che (張國柱) of the Hong Kong Social Workers’ General Union (HKSWGU). Current HKSWGU chairman Yip Kin-chung (葉建忠) and Ken Tsang Kin-chiu (曾健超) of Civic Party are two potential contenders.

When asked why Shiu was the only one invited to the coalition, Dennis Kwok explained that he was impressed by Shiu’s active participation during the Umbrella Movement. He added that the group would like to bring more ‘Post-Umbrella’ professionals into the arena of public affairs in preparation for December’s Election Committee elections.

Shiu noted he was frustrated by the fact that a proposed primary election between him, Yip and Tsang was called off as one party decided not to participate. But he was confident that he could win it all, stressing new thinkings he can bring to the sector.

Meanwhile, Ken Tsang was reportedly considering to quit Civic Party, which rejected his candidacy, in order to run in the election. While acknowledging his enthusiasm, Shiu said Tsang was not ready for it and had once advised him to “treasure his feathers.”

Pan-dem lawmakers Ip Kin-yuen (葉建源; Education sector) and Joseph Lee Kok-long (李國麟; Health Services sector) have not been invited to join the platform owing to constitutional restrictions of their respective professional groups.