Seen and Heard: Lau Siu-kai, David Lai Man-hin, Ko Wing-man

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Our selection of the previous week’s most politically charged and controversial soundbites.

(Photo credit: RTHK)

“In this general situation, if some youngsters are making fun of team China, or feel excited about team China losing, this reflects that some Hong Kong youngsters are having a [localist or separatist] agenda.” – Lau Siu-kai

A number of Chinese Olympians failed to champion Rio Olympics as they were expected to. Some Hongkongers celebrated team China’s losses on the internet. Vice-President of Chinese Association of Hong Kong & Macao Studies Lau Siu-kai said on Monday that such phenomenon shows Hong Kong youngsters are developing anti-Beijing and separatist sentiments. He is worried that ‘One Country, Two Systems’ might be undermined if such sentiment persists.


“I am heartbroken. Of course I wanted to retire at a stage when things are going well, but risks are unavoidable in firefighting.” – David Lai Man-hin

At his last press interview before retirement, Director of Fire Services Department Lai Man-hin cited the Ngau Tau Kok self-storage fire as his most unforgettable fire. He cried when he recalled the death of two firefighters in the fire. Former Deputy Director Lee Kin-Yat is taking over today as the new director.


“If there is such need, we will definitely consider that. As I have explained clearly before, this could only happen if there had been flawed execution of procedures by the government at one or more stages. So if there is a need for monetary compensation, the government will definitely consider that.” – Ko Wing-man

Secretary Food and Health Ko Wing-man gave out the explanation for the first time on pork contaminated with asthma drugs. He conceded that there is miscommunication in the disease control mechanisms. The bureau compiled a wrong list of pork retailers, many of whom listed are not actually offering contaminated pork and protested as the list ruined their reputation. Ko Wing-man reiterated that the government will provide monetary compensation for affected retailers if necessary.