One brave soul: Only one candidate showed up to last night’s IT election forum

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Eric Yeung was absent from Frontline Tech Worker’s election forum for the IT functional constituency last night, leaving only Charles Mok to answer voters’ questions. (Photo credit: Ashley Kong)

(Chinese original please see here.)

Frontline Tech Workers held an election forum last night for the IT functional constituency last night. Both candidates Charles Mok Nai-kwong (莫乃光) and Eric Yeung Chuen-sing (楊全盛) were invited. However, three days prior to the forum (15 Aug), Yeung notified the organisers that he would not attend the forum due to “scheduling constraints”. As a result, only Charles Mok turned up.

Member of Frontline Tech Workers and host Steven Mak explained that Yeung proposed the date and time of the forum. He regrets Yeung’s absence.

In response to the host’s question, Charles Mok said he has been trying to set up IT professional qualifications in Hong Kong, just as the accountancy and medical sector. He indicated that he has reservations towards Hong Kong’s IT qualification being “integrated with China’s”, as some people in the sector are advocating for. He pointed out that most IT professionals in Hong Kong intend to stay in the city, and he does not see the rationale behind “integration”.

A voter among in the audience demanded Mok to prioritise Hong Kong’s interests in general over that of the sector. Charles Mok replied, “If I see a question in which the sector’s interest is in conflict with the interests of the Hong Kong general society, there probably is a problem with the sector. Moreover, such interests are probably unsustainable and disadvantageous.”

Mok highlighted that the final goal of his political career is to abolish functional constituencies and democratise LegCo, and reiterated that he is not seeking re-election simply for the sake of it.

Eric Yeung told organisers that he is unable to attend the forum due to “scheduling constraints”. (Photo credit: Ashley Kong)