Seen and Heard: Fanny Law Fan Chiu-fun, Stephan Lo Wai-chung, Jasper Tsang Yok-sing

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Our selection of the previous week’s most politically charged and controversial soundbites.

“Like in Brexit, people vent their frustration through voting for [Hong Kong] independence. After the exit is confirmed, they realise there is going to be a big problem. We need to learn more about what youngsters are looking forward to.” – Fanny Law Fan Chiu-fun. (羅范椒芬)

On Thursday in response to Hong Kong youngsters’ call for independence, Ex-co member Fanny Law Fan Chiu-fun stated that youngsters are doing so only out of frustration towards the present reality, not thorough consideration. She cited Brexit as an example that naysayers to union regret their choices after the referendum. [Editor’s note: Ironically, most Brexiters are from the older generation, while most British youth voted for remain.]

“As it shows, no one is to be blamed for this decision.” – Stephan Lo Wai-chung (盧偉聰)

Shortly after the Lunar New Year riots last February, the police claimed they had busted a secret weapon storage and arrested four persons. Later on, environmentalists clarified that the site was a storage for recycled materials. The police finally dismissed all criminal charges last Tuesday as there is no sufficient evidence. Chief Police Commissioner Stephen Lo Wai-chung has yet to make a formal apology to the four arrested persons. He reiterated that the police has reasonable doubt and no one is to be blamed for the arrest.

“If CY is willing to enlist my service and if it is something that I believe I am competent in, that I can do with competence, sure enough I’ll be very glad to do it… anything I can do that I believe can help Hong Kong, however trivial that may be.” – Jasper Tsang Yok-sing (曾鈺成)

Outgoing LegCo President Jasper Tsang Yok-sing indicated earlier that he is considering running for chief executive. Last Monday during an English radio programme, however, he emphasised that he is not in the ‘ABC (Anyone but CY) camp’. He also stated that if Leung Chun-ying (梁振英) is re-elected and invites him to participate in the administration, he will gladly comply. Though Tsang also said he would assume he will be assigned minor jobs if that is the case.