Universal Pension Scheme top priority in 2017

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Politicians are gearing up to fight for a universal pension scheme, expanded public housing and electoral reform.

The next chief executive will have his hands full with a political community charging hard to establish a  universal retirement protection scheme, to expand public housing and, yes, to restart the political reform process to achieve true universal suffrage.

Last month, Harbour Times interviewed 102 politically active individuals in Hong Kong  including LegCo incumbents, candidates running in the upcoming LegCo election, district councilors, people who participated in past LegCo or District Council elections, and social activists.

In response to our question on what are the issues they will put at the top of their agenda to work towards in 2017, 25% of the respondents named universal retirement protection as a top priority. 16% believe there needs to be an increase in local housing supply. 14% will be campaigning for true universal suffrage and another 14% would like the government to restart the political reform process.

Other responses garnered lower priority ratings. Respondents raised different issues, from free education for all and waste management, to transport fares and protection of minority rights.

Among the respondents, 64 are running in the geographical constituencies in the upcoming LegCo elections and 10 are running in the District Council (Second) (aka. Superseat) race.


Harbour Times categorised these candidates according to their affiliation, and found out that Labour Party candidates are the most coherent in terms of their policy platform, with a coefficient of 0.244, followed by Civic Party with a coefficient of 0.216. Neo Democrats comes third with 0.132, DAB is fourth with 0.123, and Democratic Party is fifth with 0.119.

Some respondents have agreed to publicise their responses. Please check here for the transcripts (in Traditional Chinese, as spoken).

Top priorities of the local political community

1.  Universal retirement protection

2.  Increase housing supply

3.  True universal suffrage

4.  Restart political reform process

5.  Standard working hours

6.  Improve healthcare services

     Reduce waiting time for public housing applications

     Resolution for post-2047 Hong Kong