Seen and Heard: LegCo Elections 2016

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Junius Ho, Paul Zimmerman, Eddie Chu and Cheng Chung-tai on elections (Photo credit: RTHK).

Good friends to have

“I’d like to express my gratitude to my supporters.”

“Does that include the Liaison Office?” – Reporter

“Of course […] the Liaison Office is not the only one that assisted me and it is not about them coming out [to support me]. Rather, it is the Liaison Office and I have some good friends in it in my years working in law.”

Junius Ho Kwan-yiu (何君堯) on the secret of his success.


The wisdom of crowds

“The democratic candidates may not have been so organised …, but the democratic voters have rescued them…”

Paul Zimmerman withdrew at the last minute to support other democrats..It worked.


How to make enemies and anger people

“I have antagonised many people for fighting against collusion among the government, corporations, rural leaders and triads, and have put myself and my families under political threat…”

Eddie Chu Hoi-dick (朱凱廸), Land Justice League and LegCo’s biggest winner, in tears.


No tears, no flight

“We don’t have the time to be sentimental, unless you have decided not to be a Hongkonger and leave the city. But I trust that my compatriots will not go down that way…”

Cheng Chung-tai (鄭松泰), upon taking over leadership of Civic Passion following defeat of his colleagues.