Harbour Crossings September 30

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Tang King-sing becomes the fourth police commissioner joining the business sector after retiring.

One more former police commissioner takes up senior role in private company

Tang King-shing (鄧竟成), Police Commissioner from 2007 to 2011, has been appointed by Hong Kong Airlines as Vice Chairman and Executive Director of the Board.

Tang is currently the Independent Non-executive Director of Kingboard Chemical Holdings Limited, a listed company in Hong Kong.

Tang’s successor, Andy Tsang (曾偉雄) who retired last May, recently received a green light to take up a job as corporate strategy chief for a manufacturing company founded by Chiang Chen, father of Ann Chiang of DAB.


Government appoints new Director of Civil Engineering and Development

Principal Government Engineer Lam Sai-hung has taken up the post of Director of Civil Engineering and Development on 27 September.

Lam (林世雄) joined the Government as Assistant Engineer in August 1986 and was promoted to Chief Engineer in August 2009, to Government Engineer in April 2012, and to Principal Government Engineer in May 2014.