Seen & Heard October 7: Joshua Wong, Graf Lambsdorff, Paul Tse

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A force is behind the race for LegCo presidency and the detention of Joshua Wong in Thailand.

(Photo: RTHK)


“Actually I feel lucky that I can still come back to Hong Kong.”

– Joshua Wong Chi-fung (黃之鋒) recalling his detention in Thailand at the Hong Kong International Airport.


German Style

“What a difference democracy makes. Our current government enjoys an 80 percent majority in parliament. I know – now you are starting to compare this to the newly elected LegCo.”

– German Consul General Graf Lambsdorff on German versus Hong Kong democracy.


May the force not be with you

“There is a force behind controlling everything.”

– Paul Tse Wai-chun (謝偉俊) on the race for LegCo presidency.