The battle of bidding: Harvard World Model UN 2018 in Hong Kong

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The Hong Kong bid team is on full gear to bring the WorldMUN to the city.

Bridging the local and global prowess in eliciting progressive change, enriching debate and diplomacy, and pushing the exchange of cultural knowledge from all walks of life on a new level lies in the heart of the World Model United Nations’ spirit. Run by Harvard University and a local university of the host city, the post-secondary conference attracts over 2,500 delegates from 110 countries. Hong Kong has thrown down the gauntlet, striving win the right to lead this prestigious event in Hong Kong next year.logo

For months, the bid team of 14 that comprise students from the University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and Hong Kong Baptist University, have been off to the races in contacting private and public entities, politicians, distinguished institutions and entrepreneurs, and other umpteen sources to pull in support of all shapes and sizes. The team portfolios range from fields of finance and business to language and law that step up the very theme of our proposal: Gender Diversity & Inclusion.

An unprecedented debut of the 2018 educational conference is the encompassing force of gender, enabling the voice of those from a variety of race, sexuality, religion, and disability to address the global community Hong Kong’s upshots in this domain. The first day during the 6-day convention is the pre-conference summit that will hold esteemed dialogue and discussions on Gender Diversity & Inclusion between delegates and moderators in an effort to centralise immediate issues such as, the leaky pipeline, wealth gap, and domestic violence. Just one of many simulations within the Model United Nations conference, multilateral diplomacy of corresponding committee sessions to the UN among our generation reinforces active political engagement in Hong Kong.

What demarcates political discourse in a platform like the WorldMUN from local forums is the opportunity for the Hong Kong youth to ratchet up international awareness in this increasingly interconnected world society. We have a minority, but visible non-Chinese population who feel the need to explore sociopolitical scenes in their countries of origin in a free space like Hong Kong and have conversations in mitigating prejudice from outside perspectives. It is just as vital for the Chinese populace to comprehend and indiscriminately respond to these issues with heightened understanding of the root causes. Incoming refugees and economic migrants, sustainable and environmental measures, historical analyses of transnational agreements  (i.e., One country, two systems) are resonating topical points for Hong Kong to recognise in an international light.

Whenever the clichéd evocation of the city as ‘East meets West’ comes to mind to flack its colonial days, it is to exactly break through talking the talk and invite this East-West dichotomy in seeking out tangible solutions to pressing challenges of concern to us all.

We are days away from submitting the bid and would be grateful for our folks in Hong Kong to show their support by signing this petition and cross their fingers for our victory:


(Printer – R&R Publishing Limited, Suite 705, 7/F, Cheong K. Building, 84-86 Des Voeux Road Central, HK)

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Ms Qureshi is Director of Public Relations for the Harvard WorldMUN Bid Team in Hong Kong. She is born and brought up in Hong Kong, currently in her third year at the University of Hong Kong, studying English and American Studies.”]