Harbour Crossings June 23

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New government team unveiled

Principal officials:


  • Chief Secretary: Matthew Cheung
  • Financial Secretary: Paul Chan
  • Secretary for Justice: Rimsky Yuen
  • Secretary for the Environment: Wong Kam-sing
  • Secretary for Innovation and Technology: Nicholas Yang Wei-hsiung
  • Secretary for Home Affairs: Lau Kong-wah

Promoted from undersecretary posts:

  • Secretary for Security: John Lee Ka-chiu
  • Secretary for Education: Kevin Yeung Yun-hung
  • Secretary for Food and Health: Sophia Chan Siu-chee
  • Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury: James Lau

Promoted from other official/civil service posts within government:

  • Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development: Edward Yau Tang-wah, CE Office Director
  • Secretary for Transport and Housing: Frank Chan Fan, Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services (Could be replaced by Ingrid Yeung Ho Poi-yan, Commissioner for Transport)
  • Secretary for Constitutional & Mainland Affairs: Patrick Nip, Permanent Secretary for Food & Health (Health)
  • Secretary for the Civil Service: Joshua Law, Permanent Secretary for Security
  • Secretary for Development: Michael Wong, Permanent Secretary for Commerce & Economic Development

Promoted from outside of government:

  • Secretary for Labour and Welfare: Law Chi-kwong, Democratic Party Hong Kong (DPHK) founding member and Commission on Poverty member

Executive Council members:

  • 16 non-official members are: Bernard Chan (Convenor), Laura Cha, Prof Arthur Li, Chow Chung-kong, Fanny Law, Jeffrey Lam, Ip Kwok-him, Tommy Cheung, Martin Liao, Joseph Yam, Regina Ip, Ronny Tong, Wong Kwok-kin, Dr Lam Ching-choi, Kenneth Lau and Cheung Kwok-kwan.
  • Among them 6 are new members, including Joseph Yam, Cheung Kwok-kwan of DAB, Ronny Tong, FTU’s Wong Kwok-kin, Kenneth Lau from Heung Yee Kuk and Lam Ching-choi from the Elderly Commission.

Re-shuffling among senior government posts:

  • Director of Lands, Bernadette Linn, has been appointed Permanent Secretary for Development (Planning & Lands) from July 1.
  • Permanent Secretary for Education, Marion Lai, has been made Permanent Secretary for Security from July 5, while Mrs Lai’s post will be succeeded by Commissioner for Transport, Ingrid Yeung, on July 26.
  • Permanent Secretary of the Chief Executive’s Office, Alice Lau, will take up the post of Permanent Secretary for Financial Services & the Treasury (Treasury) on July 17 and her post will be filled by Secretary-General of the Office of the Chief Executive-elect, Jessie Ting, on July 1.
  • Permanent Secretary for Constitutional & Mainland Affairs, Chang King-yiu, will assume the post of Permanent Secretary for Labour & Welfare on July 26, and her post will be filled by Commissioner of Customs & Excise, Roy Tang, on July 19.
  • Permanent Secretary for Financial Services & the Treasury (Treasury), Elizabeth Tse has been made Permanent Secretary for Food & Health (Health) from July 24.

Other major (re)appointments:

  • Simon Peh as Independent Commission Against Corruption Commissioner; Stephen Lo as Commissioner of Police; David Sun as Director of Audit; Erick Tsang as Director of Immigration; Hermes Tang as Commissioner of Customs & Excise; and, Chan Kwok-ki has been appointed Director of the Chief Executive’s Office.


Competition Commission announces appointment of new CEO:

Announced on 19 June, Brent Snyder, is to be appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer of the Competition Commission. Commencing 4 September 2017, Snyder will succeed Ms Rose Webb.

Snyder last served in the Antitrust Division of the United States Department of Justice, first as a Trial Attorney, then as Deputy Assistant Attorney General. Additionally, he has twice received the Attorney General’s Award for Distinguished Service. In his role as CEO, Mr Snyder will lead the work of the executive team and divisions in areas including investigations and enforcement, legal services, economics and policy, public affairs and corporate services.