Highlights of Carrie Lam’s maiden Policy Address

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1. Governance & Politics

1.1 Reforming government structure

  • Revamp the Central Policy Unit into the “Policy Innovation and Co-ordination Unit”
  • Place the Efficiency Unit under the Innovation and Technology Bureau
  • Transfer the Legal Aid Department to the Chief Secretary Office
  • Establish a civil service college

1.2 Archives Law

  • The Law Reform Commission of Hong Kong is studying the possibility of enacting of archives legislation in Hong Kong

1.3 Civic Square

  • Re-open the East Wing Forecourt (a.k.a. Civic Square) by the end of this year

1.4 Online-only media access to government media events

  • Admit online-only mass media to government media events

1.5 Article 23

  • It is briefly mentioned in the Policy Address that the SAR government is obligated to legislate Article 23, but the CE does not provide a concrete timeline for legislation

1.6 Universal Suffrage

  • The CE notes that “we cannot […] rashy embark on political reform once again,” and that if political reform is to be taken forward, it has to be bound by the “831 Decision”.

1.7 Anti-corruption

  • Extend the scope of section 3 and 8 of Prevention of Bribery Ordinance to cover the Chief Executive