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Frequently Asked Questions ( FQA )

What is Harbour Times?

A niche publication for the full-time political professional, we aim to provide a venue for policy, legislation, regulation and people to be discussed in detail beyond the detail, capability and interest of the mass media. In addition, we aim to better connect the members of the diplomatic community by keeping them informed about their fellow community members, how they practice their craft in Hong Kong and through exploring issues of interest to the broader Hong Kong diplomatic community. Exploring Hong Kong’s role in the world at the level of government to government.

Who reads Harbour Times?

The political community of Hong Kong: Executive Council and their staff, Legislative Council and their staff, Senior Members of the Bureaucracy, Directors and Senior Management of Statutory Bodies, Members of Advisory Councils, Government Relations Industry Professionals (GRIPs): Corporate Communications, Government Relations, Public Affairs etc. Legal professionals advising on legislative impact, Think Tanks, Administration of political parties, Major NGOs influencing policy, Elite academics of the political science faculty community across Hong Kong and beyond, Consul General diplomatic and senior local staff, Regional Representations, Global Regulatory Bodies, Sub-National Government Representatives, Global Financial Institutions and the Hong Kong’s de facto diplomatic core – HKETO and InvestHK staff abroad.


How do I place an ad on Harbour Times?

E-mail editor@archive.harbourtimes.com. Advertising rates and specifications can be downloaded here.


How do I subscribe to Harbour Times?

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If you would like to find out more, e-mail editor@archive.harbourtimes.com.

I have a query regarding my Harbour Times annual subscription. How do I contact my account manager?

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